The Club was chartered on November 2, 2017 with 41 charter members including 17 gentlemen and 24 ladies. It holds fellowships every Sunday at 5 pm at Hotel International, in Muyenga-Kampala. The Club having so far operated for two years with a strong leadership team is considered in the district as one of the most vibrant clubs.


Our mission is to fulfil the purpose of Rotary International by, conveniently bringing together very busy business, community and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service to others, promote integrity, advance world understanding, goodwill and peace around Kampala and beyond.


The vision is to be the most community friendly and vibrant club in the district and, an attractive home to busy middle-aged (30-50 Years) members of the community.

Priority Areas

  • Increase club Impact to the community through service projects
  • Expansion of club reach
  • Enhancement of membership engagement
  • Increase our ability to adapt to change

Our values

Our values are clear and simple

  • Integrity
  • Member-centered
  • Beneficiaries focused
  • Excellence
  • Adaptability
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

Club Administration

We are passionate about excellence. In everything we do, including service projects and our business processes. We embrace a spirit of innovation, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a commitment to progressive measurable results. Headed by the Club Administration Director and governed by effective policies and systems, this is the engine of the Club operations. The Club has bylaws, an accounting and financial management manual which are reviewed and updated periodically.

5 Year strategic plan objectives

  1. Attain high global club visibility and positive image
  2. Strengthen club leadership and governance through leadership capacity enhancement and up to date management systems.